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Motorized Screen

Using the international popular octagonal shape of galvanized steel case,solid and durable,simple shape,elegant style,and suitable modern aesthetic.
Using patented super quiet ultrasonic motor,quiet running with heating protection function,it can be extended service life.
Using International advanced turbular motor,limiting precise degree 1mm,it's the international initiative.
Using Special unique patterns,change the traditional fabric of direct reflection,Using diffuse reflection to whole projection screen to achieve the same effects
it can be used for different various places,especially for schools,business etc.

Available in Size :

Ratio 4:3

- Diagonal 72"inch,Viewing area 43"x57"inch and 1090x1460mm,Cover Size 80x120x1778mm
- Diagonal 84"inch,Viewing Area 50"x67"inch and 1280x1700mm,Cover size 80x120x1962mm
- Diagonal 100"inch,Viewing area 60"x80"inch and 1520x2032mm,Cover size 80x120x2315mm
- Diagonal 120"inch,Viewing area 72"x96"inch and 1830x2440mm,Covver size 80x120x2732mm
- Diagonal 150"inch,Viewing Area 90"x120"inch and 2270x3048mm,Cover Size 80x120x3358mm

Ratio 16:9

- Diagonal 80"inch,Viewing Area 39"x69"inch and 990x1753mm,Cover Size 80x120x2043mm
- Diagonal 92"inch,Viewing Area 45"x80"inch and 1140x2032mm,Cover Size 80x120x2315mm
- Diagonal 100"inch,Viewing Area 49"x87"inch and 1240x2210mm,Cover Size 80x120x2498mm
- Diagonal 120"inch,Viewing Area 59"x105"inch and 1490x2650mm,Cover Size 80x120x2941mm
- Diagonal 133"inch,Viewing Area 65"x116"inch and 1650x2950mm,Cover Size 80x120x3248mm

Ratio 1:1

- Diagonal 60"inch,Viewing Area 60"x60"inch and 1520x1520mm,Cover Size 80x120x1780mm
- Diagonal 70"inch,Viewing Area 70"x70"inch and 1780x1780mm,Cover Size 80x120x2043mm
- Diagonal 80"inch,Viewing Area 80"x80"inch and 2032x2032mm,Cover Size 80x120x2315mm
- Diagonal 96"inch,Viewing Are 96"x96"inch and 2438x2438mm,Cover Size 80x120x2723mm