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product arrow JK Fast Fold Screen

JK Fast Fold Screen

Unique aluminum structure of foldable frame allows for convenient setting up and stroage
Interchageable front projection fabric and rear projection fabric
Durable wheeled aluminum case protects the screen from any transportation damage

fast and easy installation
Reinforced brackets
solid alloy case

Specification :

Ratio 4:3
- Size 84",Viewing Area 1707x1280mm,Frame Length 1850mm,Frame Height 1435.5mm,Black Order 80mm,Stand Height (Adjustable) Max 2043mm and 1854mm
- Size 100",Viewing Area 2032x1524mm,Frame Length 2180mm,Frame Height 1680mm,Black Order 85mm,Stand Height (Adjustable) Max 2421mm and 2256mm
- Size 120",Viewing Area 2438x1828mm,Frame Length 2594mm,Frame Height 1989mm,Black Order 90mm,Stand Height (Adjustable) Max 3416mm and 2708mm
- Size 150",Viewing Area 3048x2286mm,Frame Length 3233.5mm,Frame Height 2476mm,Black Order 104mm,Stand Height (Adjustable) Max 4207mm and 3207mm
- Size 180",Viewing Area 3658x2743mm,Frame Length 3862mm,Frame Height 2913.5mm,Black Order 102mm,Stand Height (Adjustable) Max 4153mm and 3024mm
- Size 200",Viewing Area 4046x3048mm,Frame Length 4207.5mm,Frame Height 3225.5mm,Black Order 91mm,Stand Height (Adjustable) Max 4313mm and 3204mm
- Size 250",Viewing Area 5080x3810mm,Frame Length 5262mm,Frame Height 3998mm,Black Order 110mm,Stand Height (Adjustable) Max 5511.5mm and 5286mm
- Size 300",Viewing Area 6096x4572mm,Frame Length 6251.5mm,Frame Height 4753mm,Black Order 114mm,Stand Height (Adjustable) Max 6495mm and 6126mm
- Size 400",Viewing Area 8128x6096mm,Frame Length 8274mm,Frame Height 6270mm,Black Order 115mm,Stand Height (Adjustable) Max 7651.5mm and 7096.5mm


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