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product arrow TOKAI Papan Tulis Kaki Double Face

Papan Tulis Standing Merk Tokai Double Face 


- The revolving magnetic whiteboard is convenient for all purpose.

- The durable castors with brake keep the board in perfect position at all time.

- Easily reverse and locked into position

- Perfectly tighten on each side of the board and stand for better and easier moving of the stand.

- Board Size 120 x 240 or bigger include 2 stand block for additional safety and stability.

Product Specifications :

- 10 mm anodize alumunium frame.

- 2 side dry-erase magnetic stell surface.

- 4 abs secure and round corner

- 1,2m steel plate markertray.

- 15 mm total thickness

- 1,1 mm square steel base

- Left and right board clasp

- 4 castors with stop bottom

Daftar Harga :

Ukuran (Cm) Harga (Rp)
60 cm x 90 cm   Rp.1.100000,-
60 cm x 120 cm  Rp.1.300.000,-
90 cm x 120 cm Rp.1.600.000,-
90 cm x 180 cm  Rp.1.704.000,-
120 cm x 180 cm Rp.2.510.000,-
120 cm x 240 cm  Rp.2.920.000,-

Catatan :

* Harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim dan pasang


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